Enty hari ni khas untuk "Pretty Boy".....harap2 kau rajin2 lah lAwat2 blogku ini....hehe
Xmau banyk2 ckplah dgr lah itu lagu ehh..baca juga yg dibawah nie =')

Menahan diri untuk tidak text/contact dengan yang belum halal bagimu, sangat menyakitkan. ya, itulah mujahadah, manis di penghujung. :') kalau rindu, titipkan aku dalam setiap doamu. kita berjumpa dalam doa dan sujud. :') Cinta bukan mengajar kita lemah, tetapi membangkitkan kekuatan. Cinta bukan mengajar kita menghinakan diri, tetapi menghembuskan kegagahan. Cinta bukan melemahkan semangat, tetapi membangkitkan semangat

if you ask me ,What can i do for you  this time????
-maybe i only just can pretend i don't know anything but actually i know everthings , i don't care but actually i really care and i'm always okay but actually it's really hurt me.,....

you know why??
-because i have to learn how to be strong before you come  for the "HALAL" relation...... actually i really want to be with you but let it in the right way ,where in islam way....our journey is still long i scary if i cannot be strong....

You know from where i get the strength??
-i always remember my self, first about the promises of ALLAH....he promises is always true..Second,."those who kneel down to ALLAH can stand up for anything" so i don't have to worry if i give all my believe to ALLAH even i'm sad but i still can move on my life. third,"the most excellent JIHAD is that for the conquest of self " so i need teach my self how my life without you for while....

What you should to know now??
i will be waiting for you....please always trust well there...let us do the best for our self and our future later....and put your believe 100% to Allah....if ALLAH  really meaN we to be together, someday i believe we will meet each other at the right  time.and the right place...

_Dgn tertundanya pertemuan ini mgkin Allah ingin berikan yg TERBAIK buat kita_

(xda coffiee& pasta entry nie okay...all its out from the deep of my heart..huhu)

-Withlove N.syaherra-


  1. pabila berjauhan..
    ertinya Allah nak pelihara kita dari melakukan sesuatu yg tdk dikehendakiNya..
    bersyukurlah kerana kita diantra org yg hidup dlm peliharaanNya..insyaallah =D
    kemanisan sesuatu itu hadir setelah kita tahan dari melakukan yg tdk sepatutnya..
    yg halal itu luas & yg haram itu sempit sbnarnya.. ;)

  2. hmm yea true indeed ! sya suka blog nie. tenang :)

    1. kah?? jemput2 lah sllu dtg melawat ^_^